Successful Product Page

Fonlogix gets many questions about "what we provide", as Blackberry parts resellers. Questions such as type of which trackball is best for BB Bold, or 8900?

For the sake of this example we'll talk about one of our Blackberry product. What do we show on our website to get a sale? So before we even talk about web design or on site optimization, or the coolest looking logo.

We need to know and/or find out the big selling products or several, in our example we will address our "Blackberry Curve Parts".

Here is what we did:
-Before you even put any content down on the main page, be sure to have all take action buttons visibly available on your product page, be mindful to layouts for conversions. (making the sale)

-Regarding the product page, you don't have to show that you have a thousands Blackberry Parts. You're only addressing the big seller, this is your bread and butter product.

-Show some samples of a successful product page. When you're selling a product, you don't have to worry too much about writing content for it, just show the product. Be overt about your objective.

Once you have everything in place, be sure to implement the coding for "Google analytics for conversions." In other words, you should be tracking your entry page and exit page.

How do we know if this structure will help you make money?, we don't, thats why it must be tracked, tested, and make modifications on your site for conversions. Following these best practices tips for a successful product page, will help give you a jump on your competitor.


Black Friday Offerings for Blackberry Parts

Black Friday is coming up and we will offer 10% off on our Blackberry parts. If you need to repair, replace come to Fonlogix.us. FonLogix sells replacement parts for your Blackberry and other cell phones so instead of paying for expensive cell phone repair, you can buy the parts you need and learn how to fix it yourself for a fraction of the cost!

We have videos to show you how to disassemble your Blackberry phone with ease. Any questions about replacing contact us by leaving a comment or go for the big blue button on the top right.


Blackberry Trackball Rings Chrome

If you're looking to buy a Blackberry trackball ring Chrome for $1.95! You've come to the right place. Its the season to stock up or to replace your Blackberry trackball ring. Get it from Fonlogix.us, its at a very affordable price $1.95. Fonlogix does offer in color "pink" as well.

Fits BlackBerry phone model: 8800 8830 Curve 8300 Curve 8310 Curve 8320

Go ahead and click on the big blue button on the top right, or the above pics to make a purchase.


Blackberry 8300 Disassemble

This short video on Blackberry 8300 shows you how to take a part the screen and curve. If you’ve never done it before, it can be a pain for the non-mechanically inclined.

If you need some Blackberry parts go to www.fonlogix.us